[updated] Replacing page2rss

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So I am using The Old Reader to keep track of my RSS feeds.

Unfortunately, not all websites provide a feed. To still be able to watch them for changes automatically I used Page2RSS. This is a website that regularly monitors a page for changes. On every change an RSS item containing the current page is added to an RSS feed. This allows for easy page monitoring without having to manually go to the page every day.

However, they recently stopped providing the service. An alternative web site I found is Fivefilters. They provide the same service. Just enter a page and press the button. Add the resulting RSS URL into The Old Reader and we are ready to go!

[update 2016-09-12]

After about a month of waiting and waiting for new posts to show up in my RSS feed I went to check if it worked at all. Turns out: it does not work!

So I went on to find another replacement. I finally stumbled upon Deltafeed. This website works fine and even provides an e-mail notification upon a detected change.

Written by Denick